Daniel Leocadi Wetplate Workshop

<<collodion, silver nitrate, and the sweetest fix you'll ever have>>

 I'm typically not a big writer on these posts, but suffice it to say... I had the opportunity to spend three days with who I like to call, 'the chemical brothers'- eating, sleeping, and breathing the wetplate process. They listened to my exhausting banter, answered my questions, cheered me on when my plates turned out and encouraged me when my plates sucked. They posed for portraits, championed my ideas, and froze their butts off in an unheated darkroom while I made plate after plate... and then offered me tea when we couldn't feel our fingers anymore. I love this process- it is literal magic- and I love these guys for being so patient as they taught it to me. 

For more information on Daniel's workshops,
check out www.danielleocadi.com

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 photo IMG_0730-copy_zps8iionwux.jpg

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